about me

I am originally from the town of San Fernando. I spent my early formative years attending primary and secondary schools in San Fernando and Penal. However, it was only when my mother moved the family to Port of Spain that I discovered and developed an abiding love for drawing and painting.

As a teenager I enjoyed sketching and drawing things I saw in popular magazines, books and the old historical houses around Woodbrook. I received my basic training in Art while attending Secondary School and later, the Art Academy.

The competing demands of raising a family and work obligations left me with little time to devote to the pursuit of painting and sketching and it was only until the birth of the first of my three grandsons six years ago that I was again inspired and started to draw and paint again, although only as a hobby. I began slowly schooling myself in charcoals and later watercolours and eventually did a workshop on portraits and a few online courses.

It was at this point that I was encouraged by family members to get serious about becoming a practicing artist and present a showing of the work that I produced.

My art which started as portraits now depicts landscapes, flowers, birds and anything colourful that catches my eyes in watercolour and acrylic; my specialty being portraits in Pencil and Charcoal. I am at a wonderful age and have decided to pursue my desire to become an artist and fulfill my true passion.